Web presence solutions

Total web presence solutions

Tayari communications ltd provides the best and most appropriate solution to your web presence needs.

Not only will we provide the web hosting, bandwidth, design and marketing services you require, we will manage the whole process for you.

The service does not stop when your website is built and launched.

We ensure that your site stays dynamic, well managed, and fresh.

Reliable web hosting

We can provide you with secure and reliable web space and email servers protected from viruses and spam.

We manage all the technical issues for you and ensure your web-site stays online and is accessible around the world 24/7.

Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

All at a very reasonable price.Check available packages here

Creative web design

We can design for your every need.

We have in-house editorial, graphic design and technical skills to hone your ideas and thoughts into a dynamic and influential site.

We will provide the most professional and appropriate solution appropriate to your needs.

We have the imagination and capacity to use the internet to develop user friendly, visually impressive sites.

We can provide everything from clean, clear and simple sites for low-bandwidth areas of the world, to audio and video streaming for corporate presentations.

Dynamic customer relations

When you hire Tayari communications you get advice and guidance from day one.

We work with you to ensure your site designed for your market and is always current and dynamic giving your clients news and information that is up-to-date and valuable. All in a professional style and an appropriate context.

As your business changes and grows so your web presence must develop with you. Tayari communications stays with you, managing your web presence and helping you throughout.

For more information contact us and request a starter pack which includes your "Day One Checklist" and guidance for generating the right content for the right audience.