Software development

First and foremost, we believe in providing solutions in the way you want them provided. This can range from complete product development ownership to bolstering an exisiting team.
We strongly believe in development methodology. However, we realize that having one strict way of doing things will not fit the needs of all projects. Striking the balance between overbearing process and unencumbered creativity is so important to the success of a project that a customized procedure is a critical part of all our proposals.


When developing a product, milestones and accompanied sign-offs are firewalls to protect your investment. We feel strongly about the protective effects of milestones because it ensures that you know exactly what we are building and we know that it is what you want.
Typical milestones might include:

Initial Proposal
  • Prototypes / Mock User Interface
  • Final Proposal
  • Partial Functionality Releases
  • Beta
  • Final Deliverables

In addition, regular builds will always be available for customer review.

Web site Design and development - how the process works

The design process begins with the identification of goals and objectives of the web site including an analysis of its target audience. Next, a design proposal and recommended site structure are presented, and once finalized, construction of the individual components of the site begins. During the construction process, the site is loaded on our server for viewing and approval of the various phases and preliminary testing. Once the site is fully constructed and preliminary testing is complete, the site is uploaded to the client's server where final testing is completed, and the site is launched.

Tayari communications offers web site hosting, included in the service is the procurement of a domain name and web hosting agreement if they have not already been obtained. We will also facilitate the process of domain/hosting transfer if necessary.