IT Outsourcing

Developing the vision
Achieving transformational change requires investment to manage and support the change process. We recognize the importance of shared vision for ICT that is owned and understood by all stakeholders, and see the development of this as a fundamental part of our role.

Every individual client has specific needs both in terms of e-confidence, strategic planning, individual skill competencies and current resources.

We believe that any effective consultancy must begin with a clear process of contextual research and stakeholder engagement to understand the aspirations and objectives of the project, while providing advice on feasibility and affordability.

IT procurement
Tayari communications ltd. understands the need to ensure that our clients get the best value for money when procuring ICT facilities and services.

We will discuss and agree the best methodology while ensuring that the procurement process complies with all relevant regulations.

We facilitate the development of long term relationships between the ICT supplier and the client as we believe this to be of importance to the overall success of the project, to the development of future projects and the achieving of the long-term vision.