About us

In my early years as a consultant,I came to realize that most of the clients I was working for,didn't actually know how to formulate their expectations on a particular project.It is only after some prototyping that the client started to show interest making more specification requests and took their Information system experience from simple typewriting to efficient decision support system.It is in this way that we worked on projects which became the seed of a new way on how to manage data within organizations,after all that why computers were invented:to do all the dirty work,and let you concentrate on your business instead.
Tayari communications is a IT consultant company devoted to unleash computerized information system to its full potential when adopting its tools and technologies.
I believe that behind every successful software development project there are individuals who step forward and took full responsibility for its success. We founded Tayari communications under the guiding principles of quality, commitment and responsibility.

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Thierry Hakizimana
President and CEO